Embryos for Sale

Raise Top-Quality Cattle With Bar V Wagyu Embryos


  • Bar R 5U and multiple sires
  • Suzito 3 and multiple Sires
  • Bar R 57T and multiple sires.
  • Bar R 42B and multiple sires.
  • LMR Ms Michifuku 5503C and multiple sires.
  • LL Ms Michifuku 51W and multiple sires
  • Bar R 27Y and multiple sires.
  • Many more of our top Donor Cows also have Embryos available.
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Bar R 27Y:

Homozygous Polled Dam of $64,000 Bull Calf sold in Australia

Posted 6/28/2018

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Bar R 5U:

Homozygous Polled Dam of $115,000 Homozygous Polled Bull sold in Bar R Cattle Company Auction

Posted 6/28/2018


Bull Sells for $115,000

Bar R 5U, Dam at Bar V Wagyu, of the bull just sold at a record setting price!

Posted 6/1/2018